Can I change my PIN to something I will not forget?

Yes.  You can change your PIN anytime online.  To do that you must:

Log in to your online TCU SmartCard Account or TCU SmartCard eIM mobile app

  • Click on the Settings link
  • Click on the Change PIN link.

Alternatively, you can contact the Customer Service Centre on 1800 828 232 (freecall) who can issue you a new PIN via a SMS to your registered mobile phone or have it sent to your residential address.

I do not remember my PIN, what should I do?

You can go to your online account or TCU SmartCard eIM mobile app to change your PIN or you can call the Customer Service Centre on 1800 828 232 (freecall) and they will assist you in ordering a replacement PIN. 

For your security, the Customer Service Centre will never have access to view your PIN and will not be able to tell you the PIN over the phone.

I have entered my PIN incorrectly and now my SmartCard is not working, what should I do?

For security reasons if you incorrectly enter your PIN multiple times, your SmartCard will be temporarily suspended and will not work.

To unblock your SmartCard, you must call the Customer Service Centre on 1800 828 232 (freecall).  The block will be removed within minutes and your SmartCard will be ready to use again.  The block is removed automatically at midnight, so if you are unable to contact the Customer Service Centre, your SmartCard should work again the next day.

Do I need to use a PIN with my TCU SmartCard?

If you have contactless payments turned on, you can pay by tapping your card on a payWave enabled terminal and waiting for the transaction to be confirmed.  There is no need to enter a PIN for purchases of $100 or less (or $200 or less at some businesses).  Please note that for the first transaction, you will need to enter your PIN in order to enable the contactless functionality.

You can change the contactless settings on your card at any time. 

How will I get my PIN?

You may get your PIN in the following ways:

After you receive your SmartCard;

You can set your own PIN as part of the card activation process online or by downloading the TCU SmartCard eIM mobile app 

If you do not have internet access, you can call the Customer Service Centre on 1800 828 232 (freecall) or visit a TCU branch to organise for a PIN to be sent via an SMS message or be posted to you.  You should never tell anyone else your PIN as it may result in you being liable for unauthorised transactions.