Phone Banking

Phone Banking allows you to do your banking without having to visit a branch or contact us.

To arrange Phone Banking, you will need to visit a TCU branch.

Things you can do with Phone Banking

• Check your account balances

• Check your TCU investments

• Check recent transactions

• Pay bills using BPAY®

• Transfer money between your own accounts

• Transfer money to other TCU accounts

• Check interest earned • Change your Phone Banking PIN number

How to use Phone Banking

Call TCU on (08) 8999 0777.

You will hear a voice tell you:

“Welcome to TCU Phone Banking. Please enter your member number then press the # (hash) button”.

After you have done this you will hear:

“Please enter your personal Phone Banking PIN number then press the # (hash) button”.

This is where you enter the Phone Banking PIN number TCU arranged which is different from your CueCard PIN number. If this is the first time you are using Phone Banking you will be asked to choose a new Phone Banking PIN number.

Next you will hear:

“As this is the first time that you have used this service please enter a new personal PIN number to use for all future enquiries. When selecting your new Phone Banking PIN number, you may enter any number with four digits followed by the # (hash) button.”

When choosing your Phone Banking PIN number avoid using:

• repeated digits (eg 1,1,1,1)

• your date of birth

• simple sequences

• alphabetical codes that are part of your name

By using “easily recognisable” Phone Banking PIN numbers you may be held liable for any fraudulent transactions that occur on your account.

The voice will now run through the main menu of services that you can access through Phone Banking. Follow the prompts and press the number of the service that you require.

If you would like to use Phone Banking to transfer money to someone else’s TCU account you will need to call TCU on (08) 8999 0777 during business hours to link that person’s account to your Phone Banking.

Once you have that person’s account linked you can then transfer money to them whenever you like.

Phone Banking Menu

Press the following numbers for phone banking functions:

1. Savings account balances

2. Loan & investment balances

3. Check the last 5 transactions on an account

4. Transfer funds between selected accounts

5. BPAY® transactions

6. To see if a personal cheque has been presented

7. Access another client number

8. Other Phone Banking functions (Interest earned on accounts for last financial year, Change Phone Banking PIN number, Return to Main menu)

9. To speak to one of our staff members


• Phone Banking is safe and easy. Once your transaction has been completed you will receive a receipt number.

• Never reveal or give your Phone Banking PIN number to anyone and do not keep a written record of it even if it is disguised. The best way to ensure protection of your Phone Banking PIN number is to memorise it.

Refer to our Account Information and Access Facility Terms and Conditions page for full details.