Can I setup a direct debit from my Cashless Debit Card account?

Yes.  If you need to set up a direct debit, depending on the payment preference of the business, you can set up a direct debit using either the Cashless Debit Card BSB and Account Number or your Cashless Debit Card number and CVV (the three digit number on the back of your card).  For example, you can set up direct debit to pay your phone bill.

If you pay private rent or have any specific payment needs, you may need to call the Cashless Debit Card Hotline on 1800 252 604 (freecall), before setting up a transfer for your rent.

You should also make sure that the merchant is not on the Blocked Merchants List displayed here.

To set up a direct debit you will need to fill in a direct debit authority with the person or business that will collect the payment and provide them with your BSB and Account Number which can be found in your online account or TCU CDC mobile app. 

You can call our Customer Service Centre on 1800 828 232 (freecall) or you can visit a TCU branch for assistance.