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Australia's             financial institution, owned by and run for indigenous people bringing culturally

appropriate financial services to people living in some of the most remote areas of the country, speaking

the same language, knowing the same cultures and coming from the same land as our customers.

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Staff Training


Skills & Training  >

Staff Training >

Staff Training


Our Financial Services operates alongside our Social (cultural) commitment, so that elements from the commercial and regulatory world and the traditional Aboriginal cultural world meld.  This requires flexibility in recruitment and work practices to balance cultural issues with ongoing banking and regulatory requirements.  Over the years staff coined the term “working-in-two worlds” to describe their working lives.


TCU has real jobs for locals within remote Aboriginal communities delivering face-to-face financial services; at the same time educating and training it’s predominantly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff workplace fundamental skills and develop financial literacy through delivery of banking services.    In turn our staff can deliver culturally appropriate services in their own language with consideration to their own culture, we learn from each other all the time.


TCU has a tried and tested real job programs that works to overcome social exclusion and provide a bridge back into the community by focusing on improving the vocational education of individuals, giving them the tools to enter and stay in the workforce, which in turn empowers individuals emotionally, financially and psychologically.





Traditional Credit Union (“TCU”) realises the importance of induction to assist new TCU Employees to settle into the workplace and to inform new TCU Employees about TCU and TCU ’s policies and procedures.  From the first day on the job Human Resources and Training staff will guide you through employment paperwork, workplace and security tour, the TCU story, policies/procedures/publications, equipment use and the position description.


Over the next 3 months new TCU Employees will be introduced to co-workers and assigned to a mentor/buddy for up to 3 months.  The mentor/buddy will help the new TCU Employee  feel welcome by assisting  their transition into their new environment, reinforcing appropriate behaviors and procedural processes.


Member Services Officer Training


The Branch Manager and an experienced Trainer will guide you through using the banking system, the policies and procedures and compliance with regulation.  All the skills and knowledge required to deliver TCU products and services to our members.


Remote Branch Supervisor Training


Competent Member Services Officers can further their career by developing Supervisor skills and knowledge focused on staff management, branch security, safe control and reporting.


Cultural Awareness Training


TCU has a clear formal organisational structure, that supports regulatory and compliance requirements for working in the Financial Services sector. The organisational culture encourages and supports staff training and development and continuously incorporates Indigenous cultural knowledge within the fabric of the organisation.


TCU works with mutual respect across and within two cultures Indigenous and Western and has involved adapting and improving engagement strategies, policies and procedures, so that the needs of local community staff and the regulatory needs of the business can work together.



Compliance Training Program:


Employees will participate in annual programs to develop skills and knowledge of regulations and practices for personal safety and for managing and protecting members funds. These include:


• Privacy Training


• Armed Robbery Training


• Anti-money Laundering And Counter Terrorism Financing Training


• Customer Owned Banking Code Of Practice Training


• E-payments Code of Practice Training


• Credit Act and Code Training


• Responsible Officer Training


• Fire Warden Training


• First-Aid Training


Other formal qualifications offered (on a requirement basis)


• Certificate II and III in Financial Services


• Diploma of Management

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